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About 247 Debt Shield

247DebtShield is different in a good way. Have you ever thought about increased CAPITAL for your business and how it would help you make improvements or allow you to expand or buy more inventory? Are your payables and receivables weighing down your cash flow and your ability to grow? We offer a cash flow assistance program that we call “CAP” that is specifically designed for small business. We help you find and secure the money you’ve already earned.

Have you ever considered using a collection agency to try to recover money that’s owed to you? But were intimidated or not sure if it would get results? Or have you tried an agency before, only to find confusing fees and poor service? That is where 247DebtShield stands out from the rest. We have over 20yrs experience on the front lines of debt collection. Our focus is helping YOUR company get its cash flow back in order. We have a track record of resolving some of the most difficult debts and we treat every collection account with integrity and professionalism. Additionally, if you are behind with any of your suppliers, we can help you negotiate an amicable solution that keeps your orders flowing.

247DebtShield offers a simple monthly membership package that fits even the smallest business’s budget – or we can custom tailor an affordable package to meet your specific business needs. Our monthly membership includes a host of cashflow solutions, as well as access to some of our other helpful services, such as assistance with tax preparation, loan applications, and background checks. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

Protect yourself for less than the price of a gym membership!

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247 DEBT SHIELD is not a law firm.  Neither it, nor its owners, account representatives, nor employees, are attorneys; nor do they provide legal advice. Neither 247 DEBT SHIELD, nor its officers, employees, or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation or advice to its clients.   Among its other services, 247 DEBT SHIELD provides access to, and legal services offered by, a network of provider law firms to 247 DEBT SHIELD members and other qualified individuals.

While the statements included in any testimonials are accurate, the identities of any clients offering testimonials of their experiences with 247 DEBT SHIELD have been changed to protect said client’s privacy. For additional information, please see the Disclosure Statement

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