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Improve Your Cashflow

247 Cashflow Assistance Program

247DebtShield offers a complete ensemble of business services to help manage receivables, payables, and cash flow through our Cashflow Assistance Program (CAP). Cashflow problems can be troubling, or even catastrophic to your business if they’re not resolved in a timely manner. 247DebtShield can step in and create solutions, even on accounts that have been written off as bad debt. We offer a simple, cost-effective subscription service to help you manage your overdue receivables and negotiate solutions for any issues with your suppliers. Our wide range of services allows for the right solution to fit your individual business needs. 247DebtShield saves you time and money so you can focus on your core business while still collecting on your outstanding receivables.

Protect Yourself!

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You Deserve to Get Paid!

It’s no secret that small businesses can be fairly low on a customer’s priority list. Larger businesses usually have a person or even an entire department dedicated to collecting receivables. Unfortunately, the smaller the business, the more critical cashflow can be. This is where 247DebtShield’s Business Protection shines. Our service can provide your small business with a dedicated payables/receivables department. We will tactfully chase down your monthly receivables, as well as negotiate any past-due payables – so you can focus on the core activities that drive your business.

How Does it Work?

247DebtShield works on your behalf to buy you time and give you peace of mind. We do all the work, so you can focus on more important things. We’re the ones on your side.

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Are overdue payables weighing you down?

The weight of a few overdue bills can feel overwhelming, especially if when you owe an important supplier. If the supplier turns up the pressure, it can leave you feeling isolated and vulnerable. You don’t have to go it alone. 247DebtShield is here for you. We can negotiate on your behalf to find some common ground. Whether your goal is to buy some time, sort out a disputed debt, establish new terms, etc., 247DebtShield will work towards your goals while maintaining a positive working relationship with your vendor. We understand the subtleties of these relationships and the importance of balanced cashflow. Let us carry the weight for you!


Past due receivables, late payments, and dead accounts can be devastating. If you’re a small business with limited resources, 247DebtShield can help. We offer an assortment of services to keep your income flowing. Your dedicated agent manages a multi-phase collection program, legal supports, and negotiation tactics to keep your cash coming in. We work on your behalf to collect your receivables while maintaining highly important customer relationships to ensure your future income.


Improve your credit

A business’s credit rating is a direct indication of it’s health. Establiishing company credit can be extremely important to your access to capital and resources. A strong credit rating tells your suppliers that you are an excellent potential partner. Your dedicated 247DebtShield agent will guide you through the process with simple, easy-to-follow steps.


What if the situation gets litigious?

Occassionally things can reach an impasse. This can be scary and expensive if you’re not sure what to do. We know your rights and 247DebtShield can help provide legal assistance as needed. If collection efforts are not getting results, our standard plan provides 2 additional Demand Letters and a follow up phone call by an in-house Attorney. We can also help provide assistance filing lawsuits, and access to Legal Guidance and Representation for up to 2 lawsuits per month.

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